Create Wallpaper From Your Own Photo

Personalise your home by printing your own wall mural design in excellent quality.
Making your own wall mural is easy – simply upload the image you would like to become your wallpaper and crop it to the width and height you would like. You can take confidence from the fact that we review all designs manually to ensure quality before printing.

• The image must be at least 1000 pixels wide and 1000 pixels high. Read more about our recommendations.
• Maximum file size 100 MB. If you have a bigger file, you can upload it here.
• Supported file formats: jpg and tiff.
Read our recommendations regarding pixels and image sizes in our FAQs.

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common questions

If Your File Is Smaller Than 1000 X 1000 Pixels, It Cannot Be Uploaded. For An Image To Come Across Well On A Large Surface, It Needs To Be Of A High Resolution. 1000 X 1000 Is Considered A Very Low Resolution, But It Can Work If You Are Planning To Wallpaper A Small Area.
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If Your Image Is Greater Than 100 MB In Size, It Cannot Be Uploaded. However, We Can Accept Images Of A Larger Size Via The Hightail File Upload Service. Click Here To Be Redirected To Hightail To Upload Your Photo.

How To Upload Your File Via Hightail:

1. Enter Your Name And E-Mail Address In The Relevant Fields
2. Enter The Dimensions Of The Wall You Would Like To Wallpaper In The Comments Field
3. Select The File You Would Like To Upload And Click The “Send It” Button
4. We Will Then Contact You By E-Mail With A Link And Information On What To Do Next In Order To Create Your Wallpaper. Find Out More.

Find Out More.

The Amount Of Pixels An Image Contains Gives An Idea Of How Sharp The Image Will Be. An Image With A High Number Of Pixels Will Be Sharper Than One With Fewer Pixels. Therefore, To Cover An Entire Wall, You Will Need A Photo Of A Much Higher Quality And With Many More Pixels Than You Would Need To Cover A Smaller Surface.

A Number Of Factors Other Than Pixels Will Also Determine Whether The Photo Quality Is Good Enough To Create Wallpaper.

• The Light Balance In The Image Also Has An Impact On The Result. A Dark Image Often Needs To Be Of A Higher Resolution To Work Well.
• The Focus Of The Image Is Also Key. Images Depicting Motion Often Need To Be Of A Higher Resolution Than Still Images Taken Using A Tripod.

This Guide Gives A Rough Idea Of The Picture Size Needed For Different Wall Sizes.

To Print A Wallpaper From Your Own Image Cost $59 Excl. VAT/M2.

You Can Take Confidence From The Fact That We Will Review The Quality Of Your Photo Before It Is Printed. We Do This To Ensure The Quality And Resolution Of Your Image. We Will Contact You If We Have Any Questions Or Suggestions For Improvements.

Rules For Uploading Images

By Using The Service You Agree Not To:

Upload Photos That Are Unlawful, Libelous, Objectionable, Indecent, Pornographic, Harassing, Threatening, Hateful, Or Otherwise Inappropriate.

It Is Not Possible To Change A Photo’s Original Quality And Resolution. However, An Image Can Be Processed To Improve The Effect It Has – By Making Use Of Different Filters, For Example. Contact Customer Service
If You Would Like Any Help With Your Photo, Or If You Have Any Questions About This.

Our Design Studio Can Help With Most Things! These Include:

• Adjusting Colors And Adding Color To Specific Objects In An Image
• Moving Or Removing Objects In A Photo
• Adding Different Filters To Change The Feel Or Improve The Effect Of An Image
• Help You To Create Photo Collages

These Are Only A Few Examples. Find Out More About What Our Design Studio Can Help You With. Once You Have An Idea Of What You Would Like To Do, You Are Welcome To Contact Customer Service About This.

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