Terms of use of the website (hereinafter “the website”) DTAPET.CO.IL S.A. L. Yosef Michael Ltd. (hereinafter the seller)

General Information

The use of the masculine language on this site is for convenience only, the reference is to both women and men even in places where the reference is in the masculine language.
The use and browsing of this website constitute consent to the terms of use of the website and its regulations. These regulations constitute the contractual agreement between the seller and the surfer. Violation of the regulations and terms of use may result in blocking the user from using the site. Surfers and buyers are asked to read the regulations carefully, as it will serve as the basis for any legal discussion.
On the site, wallpapers for walls and furniture, parquets, photo wallpapers, wall stickers, curtains and textile products, and various decorative products for decorative covering of the walls of the home and business are offered for sale online. (hereinafter “the products”).
A business day refers to Sunday through Friday between 8:00 and 17:00, the times indicated on the website do not refer to Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves, holidays, Holy Week and national Sabbath days.
In cases where the word surfer appears, it means customer @@@
The regulations are subject to change at any time by the seller

The products on the site

The products offered for sale on the website are mainly and mostly intended for the decorative design of the living space. In these products, the appearance of the product, the materials it is made of, three-dimensional textures, color contrasts and color fans, etc., are of great importance. The seller does his best to give the most information in order to convey the visibility of the product in an optimal way, including a picture, description, information about the durability of the product, etc. However, it is not a substitute for perfect visibility of the offered product. The seller will not be responsible for reasonable differences in visibility between what is displayed on the website and the actual product.
Also, the seller will not be responsible for the differences mentioned in section 4 above that arise from different screen qualities and the actual product.
Next to each product will appear a lot of information about it, as stated in paragraph 4. including transport costs and delivery dates.
Ordering a quantity is the sole responsibility of the customer, the seller will not be held responsible if the surfer ordered too small or too large a quantity or if surpluses remain unused after opening the product.
In places where calculators appear for calculating quantities, these are tools for the customer’s help and convenience only, the final responsibility for ordering the quantity rests with the customer, the seller will not be held responsible for errors resulting from the use of these calculators and tools.
If links to external websites appear on the website, the seller is not responsible for the quality of the websites and/or the content offered on them, and the link does not constitute a recommendation to visit or use these websites, or to purchase products from these websites.
the purchase of the products

The purchase is possible using most credit cards and PAY PAL and telephone transactions.
The purchase is allowed from the age of 18 and over.
The surfer must provide complete, true and accurate details. Failure to enter details or entering incorrect details constitutes a violation of these regulations and will not obligate the seller to process the sale.
The purchase process will be carried out by the customer choosing the product he is interested in and transferring the product to the shopping cart. The shopping cart will contain an aggregated list of all the products the customer chose to purchase. Clicking on “Complete Purchase and Billing” will constitute the customer’s consent and confirmation of his order.
Shipping fees will be added to the cost of the products as indicated on the website and in accordance with various promotions that will be posted on the website from time to time.
If the customer has a coupon code, the customer must enter the code in the appropriate rectangle before completing the purchase. The seller does not undertake to receive a coupon after the purchase is completed.
The start of processing the purchase will be only after the approval of the credit company and the customer’s billing. The seller is obligated to start handling the sale within 2 business days of receiving the approval specified in this section.
If the above approval is not received, the seller will notify the customer within 2 business days. The customer’s failure to provide an alternative (approved) means of payment within 3 business days will result in the cancellation of the transaction, and the customer will have no grounds against the seller regarding the cancellation.

the supply of the products

The products are delivered by an external courier company and not by the seller.
The seller may change the courier company in use without any prior notice.
The delivery of the products here is only to places and zip codes that the courier company reaches. If the customer has chosen a delivery location that the courier company does not arrive at, the seller will inform the customer of this, and the surfer must provide an alternative address to which the courier company does arrive.
The transport times depend on the courier company, the seller will only be responsible for removing the goods as stated in section 14.
Shipping fees
If the customer has chosen a number of products, which have different delivery times, the seller must comply with the later delivery date. The seller is not obligated for partial deliveries
The seller will not be responsible for a delay in the delivery of the products as a result of events beyond his control that may cause a delay, such as a strike, weather, force majeure.
In the event of a delay in delivery as a result of what is stated in paragraph 23, the seller is obligated to inform the customer of this, but the customer will not have grounds for cancellation in light of this delay.
If for any reason the goods will not be available for delivery (an extremely rare occurrence), the seller will inform the customer of this and the customer will have the right to order a replacement product or cancel the transaction and receive a full credit for it.
If the delivered goods are delivered damaged (a very rare thing in itself), the seller will provide new, completely normal goods in return. The replacement delivery will be made only after the customer has returned the defective goods at his own expense to the seller’s address. In any case, there is no warranty for a product after its installation.
Installing the products

No purchase of products on this site confers responsibility for the installation of the products.
The seller is not responsible for the installation work and is not obligated to compensate for any damage caused as a result of unprofessional installation.
The seller’s reference to a certain professional should not be considered as a recommendation or guarantee for the work of this professional.

Transaction cancellation policy

Cancellation of transactions for regular products is possible within 14 working days in accordance with the instructions written in the law.
Cancellation of a transaction at the seller’s initiative will be done via email to Info@dtapet.com.
The value of the order will be returned to the customer minus 5% or NIS 100, whichever is lower, within 14 working days from the date of the cancellation notice.
There is no possibility of cancellation according to section 30 for products defined as “special order”, i.e. special orders abroad for products that are not in stock or for wallpaper stickers in orders of special customized sizes
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